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A review of recent HosfordGroup assignments

Campaign on behalf of Cloud and Big Data support
Developed original surveys aimed at professional services firms to determine their use of cloud-based and Big Data ERP applicatons. Campaign resulted in exec presentations, blogs, a white paper, and strong business intelligence.

Blogging assignment, consisting of Join.Me and text blog entries.
Strategic development of "thought leadership" blog posts, both in text and audiovisual format—using LogMeIn's join.me platform—to further the client's expertise in remote support, collaboration, and customer service.

Cisco campaign via The Pedowitz Group
Campaign on behaff of Cisco Capital, in support of program promoting technology infrastructure financing, using targeted email copy and email landing pages.

Assignments in support of Jefferson National Bank, Nexus
Working with the Pedowitz team, HG editors provided quality assurance of email messages and landings pages, and developed assets for download.
Projects for Hearst Electronics Group
Producing articles in support ot thought leadership and best practices in the development of products and services in electronics technology. Assignments ranged from integrated circuit security, hardware versus software, to innovative brainstorming approaches toward the development of new products.

E-book in support of Big Data
Development of complete e-book on behalf of Tableau Software, detailing modern marketing approaches to Big Data, best practices, and marketing trends. Brought journalism expertise to the service of marketing thought leadership, developing 3,000-word document on education, technology and ROI of modern Big Data practices.
Webinars and white papers
Projects for Crain Communications Inc. flagship brand, developing white papers and webinar series underscoring modern marketing concepts, with the goal of producing strong lead-generation development, a robust pipeline, and powerful branding.
White paper in support of Eloqua technology for financial services firms

Via G3 Communications, HosfordGroup developed a white paper in support of Oracle/Eloqua capabiliteis for outbound campaigns for commercial banks, wealth and investment management firms, credit unions, and insurance carriers and agencies, supporting inbound marketing programs driven by digital channels, and served by multiple touches and sophisticated technologies.